District Inventory

1) Are we fulfilling the basic purpose of the district committee?
a. definition of the basic purpose of the district committee
b. facilitating communication up & down the service structure
c. what is the district committees role?
d. does it include teaching/workshops?
e. Is the committee a “group”?

2) What more can the district do to carry the message?
a. filling the gap of intergroup
b. phone line
c. meeting schedule

3) Does our district do its fair share toward participating in the purpose of AA?
a. 12 concepts
b. 3 legacies of unity, recovery & service
c. The role of PICPC as it relates to AA’s singleness of purpose- exclusive focus on alcohol(ism)

4) Do we practice the AA principles in service?
a. is the district doing its part to communicate the importance of anonymity- internet/social media?
b. are we practicing humility/teach-ability?

5) What can we do to encourage active GSR participation in the groups?
a. “dark” meetings- no GSR

6) What to do with the money?
a. are we fulfilling the 7th tradition?
b. is the district sufficiently transparent about its finances?